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It is the name of the oldest ice cream master in Pizzo. 
Guardian of ancient processing methods

of the typical dark truffle of Pizzo.

Our master ice cream maker Morino shows us with care, professionalism and above all art, carefully describing all the phases of truffle processing.


With this service we confirm that all our ice creams are handcrafted by us and this has certainly made the difference for many of our customers.

Passion and experience

How it all started

With over 50 years of experience, our master ice cream maker has always worked to give the city of Pizzo its unique confectionery experience, capable of delighting

palates everywhere.


By focusing on exceptional quality and bold flavors, he has made the world of authentic cuisine beyond fun and accessible.


Come and enjoy our delicious menu, with dishes prepared by one of the greatest ice cream connoisseurs known in the world.

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