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An entirely artisanal journey

Over the years we have ensured that the highly original ice cream truffle, now known by the name of Truffle di Pizzo PGI, conquered everyone, crossing borders. In fact, our ice cream shop is one of the historic ice cream shops in Pizzo as well as among the most famous and we are not the only ones who say it but the many newspaper articles with international circulation and television reports in which we are protagonists bear witness to this.


In the mid-1950s, a well-known ice cream maker originally from Messina, on the occasion of a very important visit by a prince to Pizzo, had run out of cups and molds and had the idea of shaping ice cream with his hands. Chocolate ice cream on one side and hazelnut on the other with liquid dark chocolate inside covered with bitter cocoa and sugar, thus the very famous Pizzo ice cream truffle was born! As the years passed and given the enormous success, the Messina's brilliant idea was replicated by all the ice cream parlors present in Pizzo, which specialized in the production of truffles, thus making it the City of Ice Cream.

Our most requested product?

Obviously the Moro Truffle. The mixture that makes up this ice cream is totally different from the ice creams in a classic display case. It is a much richer product, balanced in such a way as to be soft and creamy in presentation despite being stored at very low temperatures.

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